Church Disaster Plan

The Church Disaster Plan is a series of checklists and attachments designed to be used by a church prior to, during, and after a wide variety of disasters to take care of not only the church property, but also congregation members and finally, members of the community in the immediate vicinity of the church neighborhood. You are welcome to download these checklists for use at your church. Since each disaster can be different and require a different type of preparation and response, we have different checklists for each type of disaster and an “All Hazards” Checklist which you would use in all disasters.

The attachments that are mentioned in the checklists can also be downloaded from our Resources Link. For example, Attachment 1, Voluntary Disaster Registration can be found under the “Neighborhood Resources” link. If you are only interested in information on the different Network of Hope ministry teams, you will find that information under the “Ministry Teams” link.

Plan Overview & Contents

All Hazards Checklist

Hurricane Action Checklist

Flooding Checklist

Thunderstorm and Lightning Checklist

Tornado Checklist

Extreme Heat Checklist

Earthquake Checklist

Fire Checklist

Pandemic Flu Checklist

Terrorism Checklist

Nuclear & Radiological Attack Checklist