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Get Involved

Don't let a disaster strike your community before getting involved.

There are many ways to participate as an individual or an organization in preparation for a disaster. Here are the services we provide. Contact Us to begin today!


We teach ongoing training classes and provide resources for organizations and individuals in these areas of focus:

  • Learn how to set up a Neighborhood Center
  • Become certified to work in a disaster zone
  • Learn how to give spiritual/emotional care to traumatized victims
  • Learn how to stay psychologically and emotionally healthy while serving after a disaster
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Be ready to serve your neighborhood quickly and confidently in the wake of a disaster! Here are a few things you can do:

  • Your organization can become a Neighborhood Center
  • You can join with an existing Neighborhood Center
  • Start or join a specialized disaster response team
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Serving your entire community after a disaster requires coordination and support, that's why we provide these resources and connection opportunities:

  • Connect with other Neighborhood Centers
  • Work with other disaster organizations and agencies
  • Work with your local emergency management
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