Disaster Response through Neighborhood Centers

The Neighborhood Center

What is a Neighborhood Center?

A Neighborhood Center is a centralized location where people can find a variety of kinds of help after a disaster. The designated Neighborhood Center will be located in the lead church or organization's facility. A neighborhood center also partners with other churches as well as disaster organizations (such as the Manatee County Emergency Management Branch, FEMA, and Convoy of Hope) to meet the needs of the surrounding community.

Why Are They Important?

A Neighborhood Center operates as an assistance center in a location in the immediate neighborhood of those in need so they don’t have to travel a great distance. In times of disaster, communication is difficult, sometimes almost non-existent, and people don’t know where to find help. FEMA Distribution Centers often only have ice, water, and tarps to distribute, so a Neighborhood Center can also play a key role by providing meals in addition to other services that churches and faith-based communities are ideally suited to provide like child care, counseling, and spiritual or emotional care.

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Become A Neighborhood Center

Ready to take the next steps in serving your local community? Here's how you can start the process...

  1. Talk to your church/organization leadership about becoming a neighborhood center.

  2. CONTACT US to set up a meeting with a Network of Hope representative to start the training process at your church or organization.